Collection: Spice Essentials

Stock up and save with a collection of pantry staples.  You'll be ready to create amazing dishes with these flavorful pantry essentials.  
Available in standard 4 oz and larger Stock & Save 9 oz sizes.  
*For a limited time we are including a free 9 oz size of our Molcajete Mezcla with the purchase of the Stock & Save collection (because we consider tacos an essential).
  • Alchemy All Purpose Spice Blend
  • Everyday Gourmet S&P Blend
  • Sel Gris Sea Salt
  • SPG Trifecta Spice Blend
  • Zesty Citrus Infused Sea Salt
  • Stock & Save Bonus:  Molcajete Mezcla

 4 oz or 9 oz each

All Natural   |   Gluten-Free   |   Vegan   |   Non-GMO   |   No Preservatives

Product Features: