Our Purpose

Inspiced was founded by Ronda Thornton, an adventurous spirit with a passionate desire to travel and experience the cultures and flavors of the world.   Some of her earliest and fondest memories are being in the kitchen alongside her great grandmother, who magically created flavorful food that she lovingly shared with others.  At age eight, her father's job relocated the family to Europe where Ronda instantly fell in love with learning about new cultures and cuisines.  

She writes:  "My two great loves in life are food and travel.  I travel light with an open mind and heart.  Through my journeys, I've found that we are more alike than different.  Across continents, I've met so many iterations of my great grandmother.  Powerful women who preserve traditions and spread love through their cooking.  The ingredients, preparation techniques, and flavors, are different but the love is always familiar."  

The soul of Inspiced is an innate Wanderlust coupled with the desire to learn, experience, create, and contribute.  With the belief that food and flavors unite cultures, we responsibly source authentic and high quality ingredients from around the globe to create unique and distinctive products.  

Our ultimate goal is to bring amazing products to our customers while being a good corporate citizen with a positive social impact.  

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Globally Inspired, Soulfully Created

Journey, shop, & change the world with us!