**Important Announcement: Regarding Glass Packaging**

Due to a temporary shortage of glass jars from our supplier, our current offerings are limited to our convenient and eco-friendly small and large pouch packaging. Spice and tea options in our signature glass jars will be restocked as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


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Product Info

The Jar (9 oz) jars typically make about 25 cups of tea on average. The Large Pouch (8 oz) is designed to hold the same amount and are intended as a refill option for the jar. The Small Pouch (4 oz) pouch makes about 5 cups of tea on average while the Bag (1 lb) (typically for commercial use) and makes about 175 cups of tea on average.

With proper storage, our pure salts last up to 3 years.  For infused salts, spice and tea blends, we recommend use within 2 years of purchase. All spices and teas begin to lose color, taste and aroma over time. For maximum benefit, we recommend frequent use and replacement of your spices. 

Ensure that containers are tightly sealed after each use.  Store spices and teas in a cool, dry environment such as a pantry, cabinet, or drawer.  Exposure to excessive light, temperatures, and humidity are enemies of good spices and teas.  Shaking spices over steaming pots while cooking and storing near or above stoves will cause them to clump.  Do not refrigerate or freeze spices and teas.

Yes!  Many of our products contain sea salt, which are naturally moist, so some clumping is normal. In addition, we do not add any additives, preservatives, or anti-caking agents to our products. Simply stir or shake vigorously to release the clumps and use as normal. We ship spices with a desiccant pack absorb any excessive humidity exposure during the shipping process. You may choose to store your spices with the desiccant pack for extended protection from clumping.  We’ve even had customers tell us that they place a few dry beans into their spice jar to prevent clumping. Finally, ensure that you do not shake your spices over steaming pots while cooking or store them too close to the stove. 


Yes! Inspiced is proud to be the spice and tea purveyor for several retailers and restaurants. Contact us regarding packaging, needs, and minimum order requirements at info@inspiced.com.

Yes, we create custom blends for chefs, restaurants, and retail shops.  Contact us at info@inspiced.com for details. 

Yes! A spice blend with custom packaging and labeling makes a unique favor or gift for your next special event.  Contact us at info@inspiced.com and we will assist in helping you create a personalized spice for your occasion. 

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