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July 15, 2019 2 min read

While we love cooking and experimenting with spice blends, there are a few all-stars spices that we repeatedly reach for in the kitchen.  Their convenience and versatility make them kitchen workhorses and pantry staples.  They are proof that you don't need a huge spice collection to create culinary magic.   Here are our recommendations:

Sel Gris Sea Salt.  Nearly every dish, including baked goods, can benefit from the addition of salt.  Ditch the table salt for pure, unrefined sea salt.  Sel Gris is our pick for the best all-around sea salt because it has a clean flavor, nice texture, and can be used for cooking and finishing.  

Alchemy Blend.  This all-purpose sea salt is flavored with herbs, garlic, onion, pepper, and chiles.  It works on everything.  Use it to add flavor and color to vegetables, meat, and seafood. 

SPG Trifecta.  A trio of the most reached for spices blended to perfection.  We roast our garlic powder for added depth of flavor.  Another flavor-packed timesaver.   

Zesty Citrus.  Citrus is used to achieve balance and brighten flavors in a variety of dishes.  This tangy infused sea salt can be used for both cooking and finishing.  It's a great all-natural substitute when you don't have lemons on hand and works in dishes that you want to add citrus notes to without the texture of the juice or zest.

Everyday Gourmet.  Salt and Pepper are a classic combination used for both cooking and finishing.  Ours is special because it contains elevated ingredients of Sel Gris Sea Salt and coarse ground Tellicherry black peppercorns in a perfectly balanced ratio.  This convenient combo will save you time.  

These five spices will cover you for 80-90% of most cooking applications.  You'll find yourself reaching for them time and time again.  That is why we recommend to start with these and expand to other spices and blends based on what you like to cook.   For even more convenience, we feature all these spices in our Spice Essentials Collection, available in regular and larger stock & save sizes.  

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