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September 15, 2019 2 min read

Sea salt is made purely from the sun and the sea; salt crystals are harvested following the solar evaporation of seawater.  The specific regions where the sea salts are harvested lend to their mineral content, texture, and even color. 

So why choose sea salt over regular table salt?  Sea salt is usually naturally extracted, unlike table salt, which is mined from underground deposits by machines, pumped with water, and then heated to remove the moisture.  The processing of table salt tends to leave it devoid of minerals and manufacturers typically add preservatives and anti-clumping additives.  Sea salt and table salt have the same sodium content, however, the larger crystal size of sea salt, means that you use less per measure.  We believe that sea salt is a healthier and tastier option.    

Inspiced offers a wide variety of sea salts including both pure seas salts and infused sea salts.  With so much variety, we are often asked which are must-haves in the kitchen.  We advise our customers to consider their individual tastes and cooking style.   Are you seeking a particular flavor profile or texture to enhance a special dish or are you seeking something for everyday use in your cooking?  Each sea salt featured on our website provides information about flavor, suggested application, and pairing recommendations.  The good news is that there really is not a bad sea salt choice. 

If you are looking for the best all-purpose sea salt, we highly recommend Inspiced Sel Gris.   It is the single essential sea salt that can be used for cooking, baking, and finishing.   This moist salt won’t overly dehydrate dishes while cooking, and the crunchy texture makes it appealing as a finishing salt.   Due to its natural, unrefined, mineral-rich nature, we recommend it over both kosher salt and table salt.   

For added for variety, we recommended Inspiced Fleur De Sel and Inspiced Cyprus Flake.  Both are great finishing salts.  Once you become more comfortable, we recommend expanding your sea salt collection to include both a colorful and an infused sea salt of your choice.  Colorful sea salts include our Inspiced Black Lava Saltand Inspiced Hawaiian Red Alaea, while Inspiced All The Smoke and Zesty Citrus are great infused sea salts.  Think about your favorite flavors and what will complement the dishes that you regularly consume.   You may also consider purchasing the Inspiced Sea Salt Sampler which contains a wonderful assortment of sea salts from around the world. 

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